Monday, February 13, 2012

b, d, and c

so a little update on my 3.....

b lost her first tooth!  the fairy came (left a note and a glittery fairy door for her return visit)
in other bright news, there was a late night emergency room visit for an eraser bit that somehow found it's way up her nose.... eraser was not recovered, we are hoping for the best case scenario that she swallowed it.  from her perspective, a date with daddy, a cool hospital arm band and a popscicle from a friendly nurse! :)  oh drama!  besides that it's lots of school days, outside time whenever the sun apears and loving her gymnastics class.

d is our snuggle bug, loving one on one and time with his daddy more than ever... an early morning guitar session, a date to run errands and "work" with dad.  he's joining in the art projects around here and making lots of special pictures these days with bright.  he and chapel are best buds and he's a great help in the kitchen!  his favorite new thing is carrying his cd player around to whichever room he is in, he needs music all the time...  current favorite, Little Praise Party Happy Everyday, the latest from our favorite friend Yancy! 

little miss c is a constant motion machine.  most of her waking hours are spent unloading cabinets or walking laps around the kitchen (usually with some treasured item in hand). papa made cardboard box houses for us and they've been a blast!

oh and cutting molars... we see this face a lot, it is accompanied by a fussy sound and when it gets really bad we tuck her up with paci and lovey and big brother for a little movie time :) 

and me?  well i'm mostly doing laundry, or supervising a dance party.

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